Three Winter Coats and a Dirty Knife

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‘Three Winter Coats and a Dirty Knife’ a compilation of ink illustrations opening Thursday the 25th of August at 6pm, works by...
Ellie Anderson (Curator)
Jesse Olsen
Kylie Spear
Dord Burrough
Dan Ford
Opening with ambient music by Tyrone Gee.

'Cold winters stowed away,
isolated deep in the woods.
Perspective lost, he’s far-gone now.
Creatures eddy as forlorn moonlight cuts through the window.
Haunts paralyze, as the blood runs crazy'.

The exhibition draws inspiration from the Neko Case song ‘Dirty Knife’ and Curator, Ellie Anderson’s poetic interpretation of the ballad. Through the galleries space, Anderson depicts a tale of a man who after living a solitary life deep in the woods is driven to insanity within his own thoughts. Through their intricate drawings the artists recreate the haunting visions from his mind and present them in a setting which mimics the woodlands which drove him into madness. For anyone who has ever dreamed of going ‘into the wild’

Special thanks to Box Vintage for their support.


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