Alex Welsh opening eyes

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A man who's opening eyes all over the world to longstanding problems in society is Alex Welsh. His passion for documentary photography has brought him to the deepest and darkest places of San Francisco's homeless slums and down south to Mexico City to show the vibrant and often blurring pace of daily life.

His project 'we out here' is a personal favourite.  Welsh takes his camera into the heart of Hunters Point, the last predominantly African-American neighborhood in San Francisco where it is currently experiencing the fastest out-migration experienced in several decades. At the heart of the gentrification, Hunters Point is plagued with many of the same issues as poor black communities all over the United States. This project not only examines issues such as violence, poverty, and criminalization, but also strength, perseverance, and hope of the youth in the neighborhood.

Alex Welsh's photography is 'real' in every sense of the word, he is constantly 'in the thick' of the drama, and has seen and been places we could only dream of. I hope you enjoy his work as much as I do.

Here are some shots from his project 'we out here'.


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