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I typed the name Joseph Allen into wikipedia and these are some of the ones that came up.

- Joseph Allen (congressman) (1749–1827), member of the eleventh United States Congress
- Joseph Allen (bishop), Bishop of Bristol and Bishop of Ely
- Joseph Henry Allen (1820–1898), Unitarian scholar
- Joseph P. Allen (born 1937), NASA astronaut
- Joseph Allen (programmer), author of Joe's Own Editor, an open-source text-editing program. (close)
- Joseph Allen (Doctor of Medicine), eighteenth century doctor, circumnavigator of the globe, and Master of Dulwich College
- Joseph Allen (born 1941), American businessman, racehorse owner and film producer
- Joey Allen, lead guitarist from the American glam metal band Warrant (Very Close)

No none of these are right but Joseph Allen is a man of many talents. If you have ever been to a monster children gallery show, well Joe is the one who works his ass off to curate everyone of those shows. Joe is one of the most level headed nicest guys you will ever meet.

Anyways Joe also runs Izrock Mixed Business, which is most famously known for the various publications that have been published, including, Kill Pixies "Kill Communication", Mike Giants "This way/That Way, French's "Alter of Invocation" and Marcus Oakley's "The Idea of Something".

But not only does he pump out the publications, he does various artworks, some of which he will be showing at the Happy Endings group show.

But here is a more accurate description of what Joe and Izrock Mixed Business is about.

Aways fascinated by the phrase Mixed Business used by many Sydney convenience stores, Joseph Allen adopted this phrase as an umbrella term for his unrestricted commercial art making. IzRock Mixed Business became a convenience (or possible inconvenience) store for graphic design, art direction, publishing, curation, zine making and general art tom foolery.


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