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Webuyyourkids are Sydneysiders Sonny Day & Biddy Maroney.

Heres a little rundown about them taken from their website

'Working together since 2006, they started out screen printing tour posters for Popfrenzy Records they have now expanded to make artwork for many posters, albums, tshirts, magazines, the internet, the telly and the magic of YouTube. And a Jeep. And a beer bottle.

They have previously had solo shows in Melbourne's Lamington Drive, Crate59 in Cairns and Sydney's MTV Gallery as well as taking part in group exhibitions at China Heights and Monster Children Gallery in Sydney, Gorker Gallery and Robio in Melbourne, The Centre of Contemporary Arts in Christchurch, Cosh in London and Vallery in Barcelona.

In 2008 they were nominated for a SMAC (Sydney Music, Arts & Culture) Award for Best Visual Artist. They lost by three votes to Kill Pixie, which was frustrating and amazing all at the same time. Biddy has learnt that next time they are in a competition she will actually vote for herself.

Their work has been described as "Harsh Majical" and "Fresh As Fish In Restaurant". As a duo they have bonded over mutual interests in witchcraft, shamanism, and voodoo, combining their respective interests in Doom Metal, cult Horror movie posters and Edwardian Gothic.

They have made a lot of work about witches. And one of ODB's disembodied radiating head. They really like cats.'

You can see Webuyyourkids and more at the Happy Endings show next Friday night June 26th at Nine Lives.


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