High Water Auction

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It was only a couple of weeks back that Brisbane city and a greater part of eastern Australia were overwhelmed by flood waters. In its wake, thousands of people have had homes destroyed, some are left with nothing.

The best thing to come out of the chaos what the kindness and support of strangers, thousands of volunteers helped in the early cleanup and plenty more have played their part in ensuring a hasty recovery for all involved.

Playing our part, with support from some of our favourite artists across the country, Nine Lives is very happy to announce 'High Water' the online art auction raising money for the QLD Flood Appeal.

Get behind the cause... for it, you'll get a piece of art and all of the proceeds go directly to helping people.

Go here to start bidding.


alby said...

Can't find Shida's work for sale on the ebay site - am I missing something or is it still to come?

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