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These installations are absolutley mind blowing! I was curious to learn more about the artist and would like to share some details with you. -

The artist is Nathalie Miebach, she has completed studies in Arts in Political Science, Astronomy, Physics, Masters in Fine Arts the list goes on!

To give you a brief overue of her works, basically and I mean basically due to the complexity of her process. Her work focuses on the translation of scientific data related to astronomy, ecology and meteorology in order to articulate scientific observations to produce a 3D sculpture.

"My method of translation is principally that of weaving – in particular basket weaving – as it provides me with a simple yet highly effective grid through which to interpret data in three-dimensional space. By staying true to the numbers, these woven pieces tread an uneasy divide between functioning both as sculptures in space as well as instruments that could be used in the actual environment from which the data originates."

The concept of creating art through science is extremley interesting and to be able to transform data into actual object is out of this world. Please check her website here as this post does not do Nathalie Mieback any justice.


694A Ann St.Fortitude Valley.Brisbane.Australia
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