Without Sun Journal #1

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I was an extremely happy man yesterday when my Without Sun Journal # 1 arrived in the mail. From the amazing line up of photographers, its everything I expected and more.

From the brilliant minds of Marius Nilsen and Christian Belgaux comes Without Sun, founded in 2008 in Osio, Norway, Without Sun seeks to promote photographic talent through the premise of artistic aptitude and dedication.  Without Sun presents a wide collective of international photographers with a strong focus on personal endeavors and intriguing photographic aesthetics. Without Sun Journal #1 features works of photographers who deserve recognition; young and old, famous and newcomers.

Contributors include:
Peter Sutherland
Christian Lycke
Max Pam
Christian Belgaux
Mattias Arehn
Kevin Ballantine
Marcelo Gomes
Wess Von Hooton
Marius Nilsen
James Cooper

Journal #1 has captured the individual style of all the photographers, bundled them up into a tight, cleanly finished paperback book. With copies limited to 250, there is only so little time before Journal #1 will become unavailable. Its great to see that young, creative men like Nilsen and Belgaux are producing such fine work. Also in the works is Journal #2, which should be released late 2010, early 2011. Keep close watch on Without Sun, as this is only the start of something that will soon become so much more.



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