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Man of many talents (Nine Lives Mr Fix it for one) and all-round top bloke, Joel Morris (above), just emailed me his awesome review of one of the new doco titles we have in-store, enjoy...

BUSTIN’ DOWN THE DOOR is bangin’. Not just a surf doco, but a journey through a 70’s subculture that saw the birth of pro surfing. It gives you a look at the path that a bunch of young Aussie and South African surfers travelled to become number 1 in the surfing world. Their pioneering styles are what got them recognised, but they’re arrogance and shameless “machismo” is what gets them exiled from the Hawaiian North Shore community and running for their lives. This pivotal point in time is really what sent pro surfing along the path to where it is today. Interviews with the men today and loads of priceless footage of the 74, 75 and 76 Hawaiian winter seasons will get you stoked and feeling Aloha. I was captivated until the end. Great watch, great story. A must see for EVERYONE – surfers and non surfers alike. - Joel Morris
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