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BETWEEN A GHOST AND A GOD, is a solo exhibition of the new works by Justin Williams.
This most recent body of works, based on observation drawings completed in between travels on the way too and from destinations, with no focus taken on the journey. The images are juxtaposed with thoughts made either at the time of the sketches, or thoughts that are integrated into Justin’s every day.

The works also include aspects of religion and conformity, mashed into figurative stages shared by both man and beast. Working in a range of different media, from oils, acrylic, charcoal , water color and graphite, Justin’ s unique blend of expressive imagery capture a dream like state, mixed with ‘every day’ moments that might go unnoticed.

BETWEEN A GOD AND A GHOST from Justin Williams on Vimeo.


Justin Williams is a young emerging artists from Melbourne. Justin's works touch on different themes, no matter how bold or subtle they are always from a distance. Not unlike a child looking through a window, using figures and animals as a way of capturing moments between time, Justin's works try to represent a beauty in society while not necessarily using beautiful images to do this. Concentrating more on the beauty within the reality Justin's work capture thoughts of common men and women in a direct response to the world around.

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